Ski Sled

Ski Sled

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Brand: ECO

Material: Steel

Surface: Powder coated

Capacity: 200 kg

Weight: 205.03 lbs

Product dimensions: 2800 x 1000 x 850 mm

Packed dimensions: 2270 x 790 x 230 mm


Platform ski sled to use with snowmobiles, compact tractors, ATV-s and UTV-s.

    • Platform dimensions 800 x 2250 mm ( 31,5 x 88,6 in ).
    • Runner skis dimensions 180 x 1750 mm ( 7 x 68,9 in ).
    • Plywood platform ground clearance 300 mm ( 11,8 in ).
    • Shock absorbers for skis.
    • Equipped with ball type 50 mm ( 2' ) hitch coupling to use with the ATV / UTV.
    • Equipped with 25mm / 1' inner diameter eyelet for pin type hitch to use with snowmobile and small tractors.
    • Both types of hitch couplings are supplied with the product.
    • Information

      Iron Baltic ski sleds are heavy-duty universal sleds that can be used with ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, or any other vehicle to carry almost anything. The ski sleds come standard with two different hitch couplers and can easily be switched between a coupler for a 50 mm / 2'' ball hitch and a 25 mm / 1'' inner diameter towing eyelet. The load capacity of 200 kg / 441 lb means the ski sleds are able to transport reasonable loads and the raised platform keeps cargo dry even when going through high snow or towing on wet ice.

      The ski sleds are manufactured from durable galvanized and powder coated steel and equipped with a strong waterproof plywood cargo platform. Both sides of the cargo platform are equipped with two easily removable support poles and the frame surrounding the platform makes securing cargo simple whatever the load. The wear sections of the steel skis are covered with a replaceable polyethylene plastic that makes the bottoms of the skis more slippery adding to towing ease. The center parts of the skis are raised to prevent side slipping and the fronts of the skis are tied in with the sled frame to make navigating through snow and over obstacles without dipping or sticking easy and safe. The skis are also equipped with suspension springs that stabilize the sled and it's cargo in rougher terrain. The back and sides of the ski sleds are feature reflectors for added safety when towing in the dark.

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