Can-Am G2 Outlander MAX (2013-2016) Full HDPE Skid plates
  • Can-Am G2 Outlander MAX (2013-2016) Full HDPE Skid plates

    SKU: 0210100

    Brand: IB

    Make: BRP Can-Am

    Model: Outlander G2 MAX (-2016)

                Outlander X MR 1000 (-2016)

    Material: Plastic ( HDPE )

    Thickness: 10 mm

    Weight: 45.19 lbs

    Packed dimensions: 910 x 650 x 200 mm


    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 500 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 570 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 650 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 800 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 850 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 1000 (2013-2016)
    CanAm G2 Outlander X MR 1000 (2013-2016)

    • HDPE

      Iron Baltic ATV plastic skid plates are a big step up from factory installed plastic covers, which offer little to no protection against impacts. Our plastic skid plates are made from high density polyethylene (PE-HWU), which has excellent sliding properties, high corrosion and chemical resistance, and superb UV-protection. The material remains very tough even at low temperatures (even at -50°C / -58° F) but is still flexible enough not to deform and regain its shape after an impact. Plastic skid plates are structurally rigid and durable with low friction properties offering easy and safe operations even in extreme conditions. All of our plastic skid plates are fully compatible with all other Iron Baltic products (plow adapters, hitch ball mounting kits, etc.) and with most factory accessories (original winch adapters, etc.).

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