Three friends with one passion. 

    Gone Rogue Powersports was founded by 3 close friends, Shane, Curt and Jeremy with a dream to be a household name in the land of the Powersports Business. It started when Shane asked Curt if he could set up a powder coating station in Curts barn so that he could finish rebuilding a worn out Honda Rincon. From there the 3 of them started discussing the path they wanted to take to try and make this dream a reality. With all three partners having diverse backgrounds it makes for an interesting and dynamic group and each of them brings something of value to the business. 

Meet The Team

Shane McCoart

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Jeremy Rollins

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Curt Jennings

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Gone Rogue Powersports is an Indiana based Limited Liability Company

We Offer Scout GPS Tracking, Iron Baltic Skid Plates, TireBlock Runflat System, Custom Powder Coating



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